27 09 2016


Now, you see, I can’t be mad at someone who merely repeats the DNC platform with cans of spray paint.




8 responses

27 09 2016
Alex the Goon

I see someone’s already fixed it.

27 09 2016

I like the way the cloud is doing a Roman salute.

27 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

See I told you Sybil Rites had reached Chapter 13. The UN just said today that blacks should be paid “reparations”. I think that UN Building would make nice low-rent housing after we kick the Moon Cult Out.

27 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

I’d like to implode it, clear the grounds, and make something useful out of it.

28 09 2016
Dr Duke

The UN is mocking us because the European members were smart enough to not brings slaves to their home countries. Most of them had colonies with an active slave trade so they made the money but after the jig was up they did not have to deal with the obsolete equipment.

Sadly their descendants have invited that obsolete equipment in by the millions. Still they consider that charity. Notice they didn’t say that the UK,France, Belgium or any of the other former slave colony owning countries should pay. Just evil America who should pay for everything.

28 09 2016

Poor little Tray. He thought so too. And Zimmerman, not a one has even tried.

28 09 2016

I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve of this message.

28 09 2016

the Great Genocide of yt’z in North America is set to commence. This will be fully supported, financed & cheer-led by the social fascist Federal Gov’t. The cutest & “juiciest” yt girls will be retained for “sporting” purposes….lol, guess what the new national sport is gonna be ??? Televised & on pay per view too :)

Other than a few galz the rest of us (& asians) are going to be composted & used for mulch for the Utopian society to come…..Law of the Jungle, baby….so spread’em wide for your mighty Conquerors

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