27 09 2016

Columbus, Ohio

Bye bye law school, hello seminary.

I don’t think finding a reason to explain why she’s making this lateral move in life is hard at all.

Racial equality is a religion.




2 responses

28 09 2016
john jones

SHES LEAVING THE PROFESSION OF LAW? Odds-on its because her brain wont go there. Blacks get pushed through law schools. But the anonymous bar exam is a problem. And the establishment tries to hide them in silk-stocking firms and universities. But they eventually have to hang out their own shingle, Then ethical issues and issues of commingling client funds become a problem.

29 09 2016

Racial equality is a religion…but in this case it’s more accurate that blacks are more suited to being preachers than being lawyers or anything else that involve thought. Preachers are a form of minstrel.

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