To Do List

27 09 2016



I’ll be glad to oblige.  But I don’t think you’ll be happy with what I do.



7 responses

27 09 2016

That there slave mentality.

27 09 2016

Yeah, it seems to be a theme today.

27 09 2016

They won’t like what I’d do either, cause what I’d would would involve my baton.

27 09 2016

Isn’t acting like civilized human beings enough??

27 09 2016
John Vawter

Just a tiny bit of black spray paint over the first period would make it read, “white people do something.” Which is true. Whites do things. Everyone else bitches and moans, while we maintain the current civilization and create the next.

27 09 2016

Western civilization. You’re welcome.

27 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Lets get those boats chartered. You asked for it, you got it. Sayonara.

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