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28 09 2016


A Constitutional amendment to put the state on DST all year.

As if the USDOT and the Federal judiciary is going to sign off on us being an hour ahead of every state that borders us for about four and a half months out of every year.

The strange part here is that I can’t yet discern any hidden agenda or ulterior motive for why Mike Kelley is pushing this quixotic matter.




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28 09 2016

punishing the farm lobby on something?

28 09 2016

Punishing? Ag would love no more clock changing. But it’s not a BFD to them such that I think she’s dancing to their tune on this matter.

29 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

Common sense? Just move all of the states and parts of states doing DST to one fixed time and be done with it.

29 09 2016

Er ……
To get free press and his name mentioned – with paperwork in hand
so to show his constituency he’s there for them????

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