Cue Up the Excuse Machine (Drinking Game Included)

28 09 2016


Now that the FBI released 2015 violent crime data, the third parties made quick work of it.

And guess who comes in first.

Do you know what this means?  Starting tomorrow morning, and going through the rest of the week, and probably resuming for the first day or two next week, expect to hear these two excuses over and over and over and over and over again from City Hall, Civic Progress, the CVC, the P-D editorial page:

“The FBI’s own report has a caution against ranking, because numerous variables, extenuating circumstances, simplistic or incomplete analyses, misleading perceptions, adversely affecting communities, unique conditions, yadda yadda blah blah.”

“ZOMG St. Louis can’t annex like just about every other major city can!”

This should be our drinking game for the next seven days.  When you hear either one of these or a close enough variant, chug-a-lug.  I hope you all have a high tolerance for alcohol.




8 responses

28 09 2016

I am particularly pleased to see that the beautiful State of Missouri has not one but two entries in the top ten (Kansas City jealous of its cross-state big brother, as usual).

Well done, Show Me State. MizzouRAH!

28 09 2016

Just saw Springfield in at #11 . . . MO punching above its weight even more than I thought.

29 09 2016

Or Springfield’s few blacks were way more criminal than usual last year. With some of the stories I’ve read coming out of Springfield in the last few years, that just might be the case.

29 09 2016
Hard Right

Yes, we have the most Dindu-y Dindus in all of Dindustan.

29 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

“Dindu-y Dindus in All of Dindustan”. There’s a song title right there!

29 09 2016
Dr Duke

How in the hell do they have Springfield IL listed as more dangerous than Chicago?

29 09 2016

Fond of Black Forest Kirschwasser myself. Great for coughs, and Schladerer’s comes in a nifty bottle with deer and people and trees and birds and stuff embossed into the glass.

2 11 2016
Ready, Set, Go | Countenance Blog

[…] violent crime in general city in the country not long after the 2015 FBI UCR data were released, I was expecting that same cacophony, but it never materialized.  Maybe TPTB have settled in on a pay-it-no-mind […]

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