The Reluctant Neoreactionary

28 09 2016


Angelo Codevilla, of all people.

Though it’s not accurate to call him a neoreactionary; all he shares in common with them/us/me is that he’s recognizing and accepting reality, which is more than I can say for most people.  The difference is that his is a lamentation, while we think we can adjust to and thrive in the return of civilizations-old reality.




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28 09 2016

Not really on topic but related, some #alt thoughts you might be interested in, from your favorite gay racist bodybuilding forum:

28 09 2016

Alt-right isn’t just anything outside the normiecons, because if that’s all that was necessary to be alt-right, a lot of egalitarian hard rightists could be alt-right. The other delimiter is chiefly motivated by anti-egalitarian ideology.

Like this, I think there is a generational dividing line, as you know. If you are old enough ever to have legally been able to cast a vote for Reagan for anything (11/6/66 birthday or before), and you’re on the right, you tend to be a normiecon, while if you were born any time after, and you’re a rightist, you tend to be an alt.

28 09 2016
Hard Right

Leftists seem to have an age problem of their own.

28 09 2016
Hard Right

29 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I hear old lady Hillary Elderly Rerun went to a campus rally. All the peeps who turned out were in their 50s and 60s. Too bad Davy Jones is dead. The Monkees could have brought the house down better than BLM with that group.

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