30 09 2016


What I learned on Google Translate just a few minutes ago was more worthy than watching Koster, Greitens, Blunt, Kander and all the minor party candidates jabberwockey all day today.

And now, time to drive home.





3 responses

30 09 2016

Time to start spelling it that way.

13 10 2016

hi Countenance. I’ve followed you since you blog-rolled me at the start of 2014, but due to busy-ness this year, I’ve only had time to read your Sunday wrap-ups (and sometimes the mid-week ones) because it’s much easier this way to skim through your blog for interesting stories. I’ve reactivated my blog and was forced to change the link. Since I deleted my last blog, the link you have on your site for my new WP is dead. Would you mind updating it for me? I’ve added you to my blog-roll as well. My former best friend (the SJW kind) lives in St. Louis and is completely oblivious to raciality or realism. How’s your life up there nowadays?

PS: This picture is the best thing I’ve seen this month… can I use it on my site and promote it into viral oblivion?

13 10 2016

Go right ahead. And I’ve already made the change, so you should see all sorts of new fresh traffic rolling in, in no time.

I’m surprised that people like the Sunday wrap-ups as much as they do. It seems to me it’s just my way of being lazy. I collect stories through the week, put them in my hopper (a plain text file of URLs), and the ones that never interest me through the week to write singular blog posts about, what’s left on Sunday afternoon, I’ll either File 13 them or give them a one-liner in the Sunday wrap-up.

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