Why I’m #NRx

30 09 2016

Ann Arbor, Michigan and Washington, D.C.

Today in neoreaction:

* He must be #NRx.

* Reason #18,564,544 why I’m #NRx.

* And also, meme.





7 responses

30 09 2016

Does anyone here know what the hubbub is with Steven Crowder? Seeing all kinds of weird shit on Twitter, but I don’t know what it is referring to.

30 09 2016

I know he had Tommy Sotomayor on earlier this week, and that probably pissed off a lot of black women and problacktards.

1 10 2016
Hard Right

I remember seeing the name a lot in the last day or so, but I didn’t pay any attention because I’d never heard of the guy.

1 10 2016
Hard Right

Judging by the “You may also like,” he’s a cuck.

1 10 2016
Hard Right

Near as I can tell, he is a cuck. /pol/ seems to be meming him to make it look like he’s a neo-Nazi. Anglin’s in on it.


1 10 2016

Some of us have to lose our paranoia about entryism.

1 10 2016
Hard Right

It seems to me that the most likely entryists, informants, or Federal agents would be the ones who are screaming the loudest about ovens and lampshades.

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