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1 10 2016

Hempstead, New York

Yes, Ashe Schow, it would seem to be a paradox.

But that’s where I come in.  When presented with a paradox or contradiction, I’m happier than a pig in slop.

This one is pretty easy.

The reason Miss Rodham cares for the rights of young men who happen to live in ghettos and be black and not for the rights of young men who happen to live on college campuses and happen to be white (*) is because both involve pleasing Democrat-oriented constituencies.  Young ghetto black men rarely vote, but their grandmas and great-grandmas do, and it’s almost always for Democrats.  And where there are colleges and universities, there are people whose Democrat voting rates are in the 85-90% range.  Like I wrote in another post just a few minutes ago in this space, in the old days, middle aged men beat the boys away from their daughters with big heavy sticks, but these days, they don’t use real sticks, they use the virtual sticks of the White House and college administrators.

(*) – Before you spam me, peanut gallery, I already know a lot of non-white men have been victims of the college kangaroo trap.




5 responses

1 10 2016

I don’t notice any bias in the UMSL classrooms, but I do see it in the student center. Countless banners and posters advocating multicultural nonsense everywhere.

At SCC nearly everyone was white and attractive. At UMSL, there are WAY more foreigners, and everyone is ugly. Seems to me that the Asians are by far the rudest people.

BTW… are you an accountant?

1 10 2016

My degree is in accounting, but I’ve never held a permanent accounting job, and the last time I earned money based partially off of my accounting ability was January 2011.

2 10 2016

How come you’re not working as an accountant (if you don’t mind me asking)? Also, when you were at UMSL, did you belong to any of the business clubs/groups? They REALLY push that.

2 10 2016

A combination of circumstances and the field (even around here) being H-1B heavy. Yes, when I was there, I experienced the same pressure, but didn’t much deal with them.

I usually get mistaken for a lawyer. As you know by now, you’re not getting through any business related major without going through some business law courses. I just happened to pay attention closely. That and reading Instapundit regularly means I can easily pass for a lawyer.

2 10 2016

Its funny you say that because I’m taking Legal Environment of Business right now. It is the most challenging, yet most interesting class I have. I have to do a presentation this week on Luther vs. Countrywide. I honestly think if I’d gone back to school in my twenties I would have pursued a law degree. My goal is marketing/logistics but I’m starting to lean towards accounting. They say they have a 100% placement rate.

I’m taking fundamental accounting, legal env. of business, marketing, and macroeconomics. I’m fascinated with marketing and psy-ops. My marketing professor is an executive for Schnucks. He is our age and from England… he is really good.

3 of the 4 classes are in the Business/Social Science building and one is in the Research building by Bugg Lake (swamp), if that jogs your memory :)

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