Sunday Wrap-Up

2 10 2016


* No comment.

* Mahogany mini mobs running amouck in Gravois Park and Dutchtown.  I can give you a hint:  They’re not Dutch, or Deutsch.

* I see them all the time in many places.  TALA Doctrine.

* Even more tales of the left tail of the bell curve.

* At this rate, every day will be a national holiday, because every day is civil rightsey or social justicey for some reason.

* By now, Cahokia is fully East St. Louis-ized.

* I can sorta understand why he ripped off someone else’s identity.  It was because his own identity comes with such a weird name.

* They were here to do the shoplifting that the natives (with some exceptions) won’t do.

* So they can all tell each other tall tales about all the backlash they’re (not) getting.  People like pretending that they overcame much more hardship and suffered much more persecution along the way than they actually did.  Just like the minnow that was caught two years ago becomes a foot long catfish last year and a great white shark now.

In reality, Official St. Louis is welcoming them with open arms and wishing more would or could come.  Why?  Scroll down to the immigration stack for a hint.

* How can Messenger be so racist and social injusticey to put “rape” and blacks in the same article?  Doesn’t he know that all rapists are either in white fraternities and/or look like Haven Monahan?  Get with the SJW zeitgeist, Tony.  (Note:  Drudge carried this story yesterday.)

Don’t bet on Speaker Richardson and the House in general not seating him when he does win, because that would be racist.

* The tats and appearance never left one with the impression that he was ever bound to win a Fields Medal.  Just to put it diplomatically.

* The one on the right is 18 years old, and from the looks of his face, he’s 18 going on 45.  Yeah, crystal meth will do that to you.

* It’s football.  Getting hit is what you sign up for.

* Suspect made in the Champaign shooting.  TNB, and since it revolved around an apartment complex that really has no links to the University of Illinois, and a town that never had a reputation for ghetto, it’s probably also an example of the AFFH precursor of Chicago unloading its project and ghetto blacks all over the place.

* Want proof of my axiom that the modern K-12 American history canon is all about and only about slavery, segregation and the Holocaust?  Well, here you go.  What interests me about this story isn’t the intricate details about how lighthearted or serious the video supposedly was or was not.  What is interesting is that the class is dealing with slavery and the 1850s in late September, which is way too early in the school year for AmHist to get to the 1850s.  This might be a matter of me with my “twenty miles one way with tattered boots in a foot of snow dodging carnivorous dinosaurs all the way” tall tales, but I remember that late September, we were around the War of 1812.


* Just because it’s Onion doesn’t mean it’s not true.  Remember, one of the elements of good parody is kernels of the truth.  Also remember that The Onion is where we got our “current year” meme from.

* It’s just a universal truth of civilized humanity, some more civilized than others, some more humane than others:  For young men, danger is fun, and if you can find a way to roll it up with the tribal and territorial and professional imperative, all the better.

* Well, it is Whole Paycheck, and they do get it.  It’s just that some people’s checks (even if they’re not from employment) aren’t as big, so Whole Paycheck has to have lower price points in some areas.


* Sigh.

* I keep wanting to feel sorry for that city, just because of 9/11.  But it keeps wanting me to revoke my pity.

* True.  However, I can supply a rationale to why Landrieu is doing what he’s doing.  He’s trying to import a buffer between white residents and gentrifiers on one end and the black undertow on the other end.  One giant blessing to New Orleans was that a lot of the Katrina evacuees who went to Houston stayed there and never came back.

* Jungle camp, jungle fever.

* Before you cheer, remember Norm Matloff’s good cop bad cop dichotomy.


* Considering this, and I think ESR’s analysis and speculations are correct, the NRA did the right thing here by clamming up.

* He is?  From where?  The 12th hole?

Let me take this opportunity to once again reiterate a prediction of mine:  On January 19, 2018, the media will write these words about Mr. Obama’s first full year in his post-Presidency:  “I didn’t know it was physically possible for one man to play that much golf.”

* Now, you see?  Racial harmony and brotherhood is possible.

* Now, let me be the debbie downer and clue you in on the inconvenient truth:  This was done by all the evil white poleeseseseseseseseses that have declared war on black babies’ bodies.

* All this kneeling and refusing to stand, as I have come to figure out, can be very easily explained, and is anything but complicated.  All it means is, “I’m black.”  Or, “I’m mixed with black.”  Or, “I’m not black but side with blacks because of either ideological passion or professional imperative.”

* True, but not as important as the matter of Democrats winning elections.

* Ironic and telling on a couple of levels.

* The other clock boy, the one you probably don’t know about.

* On behalf of the world, Mr. Obama, allow me to apologize for all us for letting you down, and not being worthy or even cognizant of your genius.


* We all had to know the empire was going to strike back.

* It’s not that she has no idea, it’s that she has no desire.  Like I predicted.  All she’s doing is dillying around waiting for time to go by and waiting for people to forget about the Brexit vote, and hoping that nobody notices she’s not actually engaging in formal Brexit procedures come one, two, three years down the road.

* This is why white nationalism is not yet ready for prime time, because white people are getting less and less defensible.


* Furry Community?  All warm and fuzzy, full of happies?  Not really.

* While some are still in the same bad habit I used to be in, that is, bashing gamers, I don’t do it anymore, for good reason.  Remember I had a story in the wrap-up a few weeks ago about the GTA engine being so good that autonomous driving algorithms can be trained on it rather than in the riskier real world.  Since then, I have found out that epidemiologists are studying WoW’s virus vector to help them figure out how actual infectious diseases spread among humans.  Historians are studying a game called Barbarian Warfare to get a better read on actual history.

* Skipping right over the self-driving taxi to get to the self-flying one.

* What are they bitching about?  They can always have YT do a DMCA or other copyright grounds takedown.  The other problem is that even if you do rip the audio track from a YT video that just happens to have some sort of desired audio, the end result is never really that good.  Even average ears can hear how bad it is, much less audiophiles.

* Worst kept secret, considering new ‘phones are eliminating their normal headphone jacks in favor of a single USB-C.  I’m wonder if this will actually make a difference in audio quality.

* Donald Trump isn’t even President yet, he doesn’t have any control over public policy yet.  Still, he is responsible for ruining the iPhone.  Though some cynics might claim that the iPhone’s days became numbered when Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) went gold, way back in May 2010, at a time when Trump was wrapping up a season of The Apprentice, an episode from that season was the subject of one of my posts that is still getting a lot of hits.

* Something we are finding out about quantum computing is that line-level improvements in one generation of quantum computers over the previous means exponentially higher performance in relative terms, not linearly higher.

Just the laser was a solution that wound up accidentally finding and solving a lot of problems, I think in the coming decades, we’re going to be blown away by all the problems that quantum computing solves and the short order it solves them.

* Let’s say for the sake of discussion that you are in your house and you are never able to leave it, and you don’t have any way to get your neighbors to send you a picture of your house.  What it means is that you could never be entirely sure what your house looks like.  You’d have to use the other houses you can see from your windows, and measurements and observations about your own house from the inside, in order to make a bunch of implications and arrived at an educated guess.

We have that kind of dilemma in figuring out what our own Milky Way galaxy looks like.

And the latest educated guess observational science is that the Milky Way doesn’t quite look like a neat symmetrical visually attractive spiral, that it’s actually sort of a hot galactic ghetto mess.

* Really.

* I don’t think it’s the start of a trend of ballparks having short shelf lives.  I think they are just two examples of special circumstances.  They’re telling the truth about Dallas, that it’s all the matter of heat and humidity.  They’re not telling the truth about Atlanta.  Because it’s the MSM not telling you the truth, and because I’m the one telling you that they’re not telling the truth, that should be a hint enough to what the truth really is.  And the irony of that truth is that particular area used to be a whole lot worse.  But in the years before the 1996 Summer Olympics, a lot of the low rise projects were torn down, and its denizens AFFHed (to use the modern parlance) south to Clayton County (which explains its decline and fall).  They were cleared out partially for construction room, but also to get rid of the violent black thugs so they wouldn’t cause problems for the Olympics.  So, as of now, the area around Fonda Field isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was, say, on the day before the IOC announced that Atlanta was getting the ’96 Summers.  But it’s still bad enough that the Braves are leaving Fonda Field after only a mere twenty years.



17 responses

2 10 2016
David In TN

“…and clue you in on the inconvenient truth.”

A couple of years ago, a British SJW-type did an HBO film on the Grim Sleeper serial killer in Los Angeles. It was largely interviews of black LA residents.

They railed against the LAPD for “not catching the killer/” And they (director included) couldn’t stop whining “You would have caught him sooner if the victims had been rich white girls.” The latter is a big obsession with blacks and white liberals.

I noticed there was almost no anger by the interviewees at Lonnie Franklin, a black male who killed 10 (or more) black women.

Franklin was eventually found guilty and sentenced to death, but it will almost certainly never be carried out. In no small part due to black agitation against the death penalty.

And there was enormous energy and tax payers money spent in finding, arresting, and convicting the Grim Sleeper. Almost all by white people.

2 10 2016
John Vawter

Re: Youtube audio, you made good points (the highest bitrate you can get on YT is only 160k mp3), but I think that will be changing soon, hence the lawsuit. Youtube and audio-only streaming services seem to be getting serious about loudness standards (I’ll spare you the gory details) and imposing normalization, which means they’re finally starting to give a sh*t about sound quality. If they didn’t have plans for higher bitrate audio, they wouldn’t bother.

2 10 2016

That doesn’t mean YT won’t respond to DMCA requests, no matter how good the audio bitstream is.

Even still, I ripped a high quality track from a song that is a YT video and ripped the same track from my CD collection, both in 128 kbps 44.1 khz joint stereo MP3, and the rip from the CD sounds significantly better.

In reality, if a given YT video is only uploaded in 360p, its audio track is only a 96 kbps MP3.

2 10 2016
John Vawter

DMCA works against illegally uploaded music, but there are tons of music companies that use YT for their own legit music. If you can rip the audio from the LadyGagaVEVO channel videos, then you don’t have to buy her stuff on iTunes.

I’m not surprised about your comparison test. Audio tracks are usually mastered for videos to “optimize” them on typical consumer systems; for Youtube it’s been assumed that people watch on laptops, phones and other lo-fi gear, often in noisy environments. So over-compression and really nasty EQ curves have been standard. If it’s an old video, then it might’ve even been mastered for television.

By imposing normalization, YT makes over-compression pointless, thank god. This might even bleed over into CD releases, and we’ll get our dynamic range back. Already some artists (e.g. Rush, Paul McCartney) are re-releasing their catalogs on iTunes with the label, “Optimized for iTunes.” What this really means is they are re-mastering their old songs with less compression and taking advantage of the headroom that normalization by iTunes has imposed. And they sound better than they have since the old CD releases.

2 10 2016

Now I get your point, brainus freezius tonight on my part. When YT gets its audio act together, then we’ll get to a point where the audio rip is 192 and with no EQ games, which is this close to uncompressed CD quality to almost all ears, then the labels and copyright owners that until now wouldn’t have cared (because YT audio rips suck), are going to have to start caring, and really chimp out on the lawsuits against MP4 -> MP3 rip websites and software developers.

What YT is doing until now sounds like something the vinyl producers did back in the ’50s to early ’70s — Because so many kids and young people had record players and car radios with decidedly non-quality speakers, or should I say, speaker, because stereo was an expensive luxury, the producers of pop records would have something called the hot mono mix. It was a mono track, but it was more than just that, and more than just combining the discrete stereo tracks if the song was recorded in stereo. It was having a mono track with punched up mids, to play to the speakers that the songs would generally be played on.


2 10 2016
Hard Right

2 10 2016
Alex the Goon

Hollywood isn’t stupid enough to use yt or anyone else’s servers to market/distribute their content for free. These artists and labels are trying to have our cake and eat it too. F’em. They need to build their own portal, and convince all the kids to eat at their trough. Weren’t they supposed to start figuring this out 20 years ago?

3 10 2016

Gravois Park neighborhood: from a little “edgy” to “downright scary.” I guess the urban loving hipsters and gays are discovering that living in the jungle is dangerous.

3 10 2016

A meme is edgy, Gravois Park is the fucking ghetto or damned close to it.

3 10 2016
Hard Right

Sanders Agrees With Clinton — His Supporters Are Living in Their Parents Basement

3 10 2016
Hard Right

Drunken Micks….

3 10 2016
Hard Right

Get A Glimpse Into The World Of Puppy Play

“[It’s] a rejection of the the human and an adaptation of the primal.”

3 10 2016
Hard Right

Twitter, which helped enable the outsider candidacy of Donald J. Trump, has hosted abusive clashes between voters.

3 10 2016
Hard Right

3 10 2016
Dr Duke

Back to audio quality I did not realize there was a special “car radio and cheap portable radio” mix option. Makes a lot of sense. I know the Beach Boys took at least one test pressing and had it played on the radio so they could hear how it sounded in the car.

27 10 2016
Deplorable Lamplighter of California

“quantum computing”

Would you be willing to name some of the things that you believe quantum computing will solve in the future? And would they by any chance have anything to do with issues relating to race?

27 10 2016

That’s the problem. I think it’s capable of so much that I can’t even fathom an answer. Just like when the laser was invented, nobody really knew all of its practical applications.

We do know for sure that anything which requires mass brunt force computing power will go a lot faster with quantum computing. Analyzing protein folding, for example, meaning that eventually, we’ll find a way to make cancer as un-serious as a common cold.

As far as what we’re concerned about, I do think that when quantum computers are turned around on the human genome, it’s going to make the need for neo-eugenics a lot more obvious and the ability to carry it out a lot easier and cleaner.

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