Why I’m #NRx

3 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

It could also go in the “Cognitive Stratification Has Consequences” file. I would tell Charles Murray to call his office, except his office is already there.

In that which they admit that they are locked in a Goliath versus David struggle to speak power to truth.

And also, democratic republicanism and MUH KONSTITUSHUN certainly didn’t prevent it, in fact, it’s a natural inevitable consequence of the former.




One response

3 10 2016

Once elected, Trump would do well to do a root and branch dismissal of much of the administrative agencies. Legal niceties can be ignored a la Obama, let them sue and let the courts enforce their judgments.

Failing that fantasy, and pursuant to positive goals, a devolution of many of these responsibilities to the state level (with concominant funding) might be helpful.

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