He Don’t Wanna Fight No More

4 10 2016

Jefferson City

Koster wants Greitens to release this form, this form, this form, this form, this form, this form and this form from the last several years of his tax returns, or he won’t participate in the next debate.

All Koster is doing is saying in a round about way that he doesn’t want to do any more debates because he doesn’t need to.

Presidential debates, which a whole lot of people watch, hardly move the needle.  All of five people watch any given debate for Missouri Governor, and as you know, because I’ve been saying it repeatedly in this space for a year and a half, the needle on this race this year moves on organized labor issues, not debates, nor the precise names of the nominees, nor anybody’s tax returns, nor who did what on the other side of the world, nor cop killers getting sent to the death house.




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