Dindus For Everyone

5 10 2016

Bellefontaine Neighbors

Update on the case of the teeny weavie shooter.

The NAACP has weighed in.

And it goes like this:

Even though she jacked a hair hat emporium and shot the elderly parents of the owner, she dindu nuffins.

Even though the suspect’s own mother doped it up while she was pregnant with her, she dindu nuffins neever.

It was the whole system that let them both down; somebody didn’t spend enough money at some point in the past.  Whoever is responsible for that doesn’t get a dindu card.




7 responses

5 10 2016
David In TN

I noticed the St. Louis NAACP wanted to stage a meeting between the perp’s family and the family of the victims. This is a favorite trope for blacks in a black on white crime.

I saw this at one of the trials I attended in the Christian-Newsom Knoxville Horror torture-murder case. During the first trial of the female defendant, I was standing in line to go in the courtroom. A local black TV “reporter” was talking to Gary Christian. He was trying to arrange a meeting with Vanessa Coleman’s parents.

Gary Christian, father of Channon, would have none of it.

I see the family of the victims in the St. Louis shooting has declined so far.

5 10 2016

We both know why, because they think the suspect’s fambly will intimidate the victim’s family into not testifying.

5 10 2016
Alex the Goon

Would the white family have to pass through a metal detector at this hypothetical meeting?

5 10 2016

At some point, there will just be some type of “My nigga be maligned lottery”, where the perp is allowed to pick out a family in a white neighborhood from the phone book after the crime, then go auction off enough possessions from said white family to “even the playing field” for any black, who is involved in any way, with any black on black, or black crime period.

Hell, lets put it on TV, a reality show with real consequences for those insolent inheritors of “White Privilege”.

This would sure as hell get whitey, Republican and Democrat, far more involved in reducing the rates of recidivism and reducing crime.

Come to think of it (Stream of white consciousness comment here.), it very could well, result in the death penalty, so richly deserved, for so, so many thugs, who even jaywalk.

As Barney used to say…”NIP IT IN THE BUD!!!!!”.

6 10 2016

We need to keep the DinduNuffins away from civilized society. We’ve had the technology to repatriate them them back to Africa with no chance of return. Instead Obama imports more of this same behavior by the hundreds of thousands.

7 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

At this point we should realize the fake government is just a major funder of terrorism and should be considered as enemy combatants. Vigilantism is a real necessity when law and order are no longer provided by some form of government. I’m not sure what you would call the goofballs like Lyin Ryan, Bitch Mc Coddell and Captain Simian, but I wouldn’t call it government. Maybe Parliament of Whores or Federation of Plantheads, but definitely NOT GOVERNMENT.

6 12 2016
Closure, Or Something Like That | Countenance Blog

[…] Update on the teeny weavie theivey shooter. This is the case where the NAACP inserted itself into the process. […]

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