Which Acronym?

5 10 2016

Lancaster, California

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant killed in the line of duty, Africanus Bellcurvius is the suspect.

Reading the story, if nothing changes, then I think the culpable acronym is AFFH, not BLM.

Because of the hurricane, this news will probably get lost and forgotten quickly.




4 responses

6 10 2016

Another grave loss for civilized society. God Bless Sgt. Steve Owen and his family. It is insane that we continue to lose great men like Sgt. Owen to illiterate savages throughout the AFFH cities. I highly doubt that it will continue to happen for much longer.

6 10 2016

A police substation was shot up in Indy the other day, local media throwing out things like “perhaps a disgruntled drug dealer”. No one will even whisper “BLM terrorist”, which is what everyone is thinking.

6 10 2016
6 10 2016

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