Jack Flack

7 10 2016

West County

Sure, we really care that someone who once lost CD-2 to a Democrat isn’t voting for Trump.

CD-2 was then and still is now a Republican-favored gerrymander.




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7 10 2016
Alright Dan

I don’t get it. Would you mind filling in the blanks?

7 10 2016

I guess I better. Because the relevant individuals were forgettable even when they were relevant and have been so forgotten now that they’re only footnotes to footnotes to footnotes.

Thanks to the 1980 Census, Missouri went down from 10 to 9 Congressional districts, and the next time a decrease would happen for the Show-Me was the 2010 Census when we were knocked down from 9 to 8. When a state legislature has to draw new Congressional boundaries based on a reduction in apportionment, the politics can be really hairy. It’s like throwing a lit match into a pool of gasoline. If you remember, five years ago in this medium, I covered the redistricting hoopla, but then, the politics were a lot easier because while the Republicans were close to veto-proof in the House and Senate, they were joined by black urban Democrats in overriding Nixon’s veto, because the Republican gerrymandered map definitely protected CD-1 and well enough (even though I had my doubts) protected CD-5.

Well, thirty years prior, it wasn’t so easy. In 1981, Democrats had a big majority in the House and Senate, and 1981 was also the first year of Kit Bond’s second of two discontinuous terms as Governor. In the state legislature, there were non-liberal suburban and rural Democrats, white liberal urban Democrats, and black urban Democrats. The few Republicans there were, were from middle class to well-to-do suburbs and the occasional anywhere else. Which means not all Democrats were united. And, like I said, the big roadblock even if they were was Governor Kit Bond.

In the 1970s state Congressional map, the one that had 10 districts, CD-2 was west of the city, but was mostly working to middle class white, so you can deduce who it elected to Congress. His name was Bob Young, (or should I say, he was the last person to hold that district in that iteration). He was a very conservative Democrat, by Democrat standards. Was the favorite of the local Citizens’ Councils chapters.

So, when the politics of the 1981 redistricting combined with the reduction from 10 to 9 districts hits, you roll up the Democrats’ internal fissures of the time with a Republican Governor, and guess who got shafted? That’s right, Bob Young. The new much larger CD-2 contained a whole lot of Republican territory. And one irony of it is that Young’s office would do a lot of Bill Clay’s work, because his employees, like their boss, had a lazy reputation, so Bob Young and his staff did constituent work for Clay’s constituents. That did not preclude his party from throwing him under the bus.

In spite of that, Young was still able to win two more terms in the new way more Republican CD-2, in 1982 and 1984. Where he finally met his maker was 1986. In spite of the fact that ’86 was a very good Democrat mid-term year, a Republican finally ousted Young in CD-2. His name? Jack Buechner. That same day, the aforementioned Kit Bond won election to replace Tom Eagleton in the U.S. Senate, which, on that Democrat-friendly day, was the only Senate example of a Republican beating or replacing a Democrat.

Buechner won again in ’88, but then in 1990, lost narrowly to a Democrat named Joan Kelly Horn. Two years later, Horn herself lost to Jim Talent, and Talent would hold CD-2 for eight years, followed by my former boss for twelve years, and now after him, Ann Wagner is on her second term.

Nobody remembers Jack Buechner or Joan Kelly Horn anymore.

Yet, we’re supposed to be bowled over by the big news that Jack Buechner isn’t voting for Trump. Snore. Yawn. Like, who cares.

7 10 2016

They must be pulling in everyone they’ve ever blackmailed to denounce Trump.

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