Fear the Bush

10 10 2016


The #NeverTrump gang has been peddling a theory for almost as long as Trump has been an official candidate that the Clintons put Trump up to it all because Trump as Republican nominee would make it a lot easier for Hillary to win.

And now, with the latest Wikileaks dumps, they think they have their smoking gun.

Not so fast.

Notice that the documents lists three Republican candidates that the Clinton campaign wanted to prop up.  One is Trump, but the other two are Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.  Ironically, a lot of the #NeverTrump gang were also big Cruzbots.  Carson, OTOH, isn’t even worth discussing here, because he was just this cycle’s magic negro for the purposes of Beltway Conservatism Inc fund raising.  To his credit, he didn’t stick around in the race any longer than someone of his election results justified, and he quickly endorsed Trump.

Another piece of evidence that the #NeverTrump gang use is that there was some meeting between Bill, Hillary and Trump in the months before his announcement, and the fact that Bill still belongs to one of Trump’s golf clubs.  I’ve been thinking it over, and I don’t doubt the veracity of that meeting at all, and we have recent proof that Bill still belongs to the club.  However, unlike the #NeverTrump gang, I don’t think that proves that the Clintons egged on Trump to run so that Trump could win the Republican nomination and then the Clinton/media machine would swat him like a fly in the fall.

I do think that the Clintons wanted him to run because his running at all would make it easier for Hillary in the fall.

“Would you mind spelling that out for me, Blogmeister?”

Sure thing.  I know it sounds a bit contradictory, so let me walk you through the weeds.  But first, you must watch an episode of Weeds.

The Clintons wanted Trump to run because Trump running would result in someone not named Trump winning the Republican nomination that they thought would be easier to beat, in contrast to the known frontrunner of the time, that being Jeb!.

Remember what I wrote here right after Trump announced?  The Demolition Derby Theory.  I thought that Trump running would start a demolition derby within the Republican field that would result in three things:  (1) Candidates who at the time were considered top tier seeing their campaigns end way sooner than they would have thought, if they didn’t expect to win the nomination, (2) Candidates who at the time were considered lower rung seeing their campaigns last longer than they would have thought, and (3) A nominee not named Trump from said lower rung, whose nomination would have been considered a world-beating shock and a betting parlor long shot on the day Trump announced.

This is why Cruzbots are wrong in thinking that Cruz would have won the nomination if Trump never ran.  That is a horse race analysis in a field that requires chess board thinking.  Trump running was the only reason Cruz’s campaign lasted so long that he was the runner-up of the season, because the demolition derby Trump started meant that Cruz fit into category two.

The only thing I got wrong about my theory was number three.  The surprising nominee turned out to be Trump himself.

You have to figure if I, some backwater lobbyist who almost everyone couldn’t tell from Adam, figured this out, then either one or both Clintons thought of this theory, or someone in their direct orbit did, and fed it to them.

What does it mean?  The Clintons wanted Trump to run, egged him on to run, (though we know Trump has been entertaining Presidential ambitions since at least 1999, so it wasn’t exactly a hard sell), but they thought his running would result in an eventual Republican nominee not named Trump but easier to beat than Jeb!.  They had no clue that it would result in Trump himself winning the nomination, or that the whole thing would energize a sector of American political life that Hillary would later term “the basket of deplorables.”

That’s another thing.  This leaked document and my theory about their machinations has as its assumption that the Clintons really feared Jeb!.  Personally, I don’t think that was justified.  If Trump never ran, the establishment would have gotten its way and Jeb! would have been the nominee.  Hillary wonders why she isn’t up 50 points over Trump; she would be 50 points up over Jeb! right now if he was her “opponent.”  You see, inside the Democrat-left bubble, they have a deathly fear of establishment and moderate Republicans.  Especially people with the surname Bush.  When we in the real world mostly mock them, and know that they usually lose in November events, and even if they win, it’s mostly because they didn’t create their own shot, they backed into clinching the division, they won not because of anything they did, but because they were lucky accidental (and undeserved) beneficiaries of events and circumstances.  And even in the cases where they win and govern, they give the Democrats at least half of what they would have gotten if the Democrat would have won on a line-item basis.




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10 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Little Jebbie was the stooge who was supposed to take the dive, have no doubt. Old man Bush sending Billy Bush, Georgie jr’s cousin to drop a videobomb on Trump shows the collusion between these two decrepit zombie famblies. Hillary wanted a shrubbery to make her coronation complete, but a Real Estate Developer used eminent domain to send the Motel Six Bush Fambly into the Wall Street and the rest as they say is Media Holocaust.

12 10 2016
Fear the Rand | Countenance Blog

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