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11 10 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

What have I written often about apparent contradictions and paradoxes?  If you think them through, they’re really not.

So how do we explain the paradox that everyone has been talking about since Friday?

Easy.  Democrats winning elections.

They’ll say that personal morality and social issues don’t matter when they think that people thinking they matter will prevent a Democrat from winning an election or preclude an elected Democrat from governing.  They’ll say that morality and social issues do matter when they’re trying to prevent Republicans from winning an election or undermine their attempt to govern.

Make no mistake what all this non-troversy over irrelevant locker room talk is all about:  Trying to drive a wedge between prudish Republican loyal or leaning suburban women in the kinds of states and areas that Trump didn’t carry in the spring, and voting Trump in a month.




One response

11 10 2016

The first part of this sorta proves my point. The rest of it really fumbles the ball to explain the big mystery which I solved more than a year ago. And it goes like this, repeating for those needing: If Trump lost evans due to his not being one, his social issue liberalism and his less than straight-arrow personal life, he got them back with populism and nationalism.

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