Reality Is Miles Ahead of Perception (Tales of the Golden Geese)

11 10 2016


Hold on to your hats, because I’m about to prove why my biggest fan, Nicholas Stix, calls me the country’s greatest living political scientist that nobody knows about.  Of course, I think I’ve already done that once today.

By itself, it’s a meh story and a broken record story.

But I think it’s more interesting and relevant in light of the events since Friday.

One of the reasons why the #NeverTrump gang is trying to build a Berlin Wall between Trump and MUH DOWNBALLOT is because they think they need to do so in order save the House and especially the Senate for the red team, save individual Republican Congressional candidates in particular, and save their precious Congressional power.

In contrast, I’ve been writing in this space for more than a year that Trump himself has no coattails, that he’s energizing a constituency of either new voters or people like me who had mentally checked out of voting (at least for named individuals), neither group cares (or cares anymore) about downballot Republicans.  This is something that the Stupid Party doesn’t realize because they are that stupid or they can’t see from inside their bubble.

However, it means that they think they need to save their Congressional power so that they can keep on accumulating it in order to be able to cash in on it at a later date after they no longer have formal governing power.  The good ole revolving door.

Here’s where these people are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Notice that twice so far in this post, I wrote the phrase “Congressional power.”  That begs the obvious question:  What Congressional power?  A combination of Stupid Party insouciance, fear and compliance since January 4, 2011 has meant that Congress is (hold your thumbnail and your index fingernail a millimeter apart) this close to being a dead letter institution.  And the disparate impact of the actions of the #NeverTrump/MUH DOWNBALLOT gang is to install as the 45th President someone who not only lauds her former boss for his dictatorial accumulation of power, but says that he isn’t going far enough and that she would go even further.  (Just between you, me and the gatepost, Trump would do the same thing, but that actually proves my point.)

To bring us full circle, I need you to read and understand my theory of about two years ago about one of the real under-the-table for political professionals’ eyes only reasons why the Republican establishment hates the Tea Party Movement.  Then come back.

Good, you’re back.  I didn’t bore you to death.

Let’s roll this all together.

Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The Republican lamestream is contradictorily trying to save its own Congressional power and making its own Congressional power a dead letter.    Since the purpose of the revolving door is for interested corporations and special interests to influence the Federal government’s actions, yet Congress’s sway over the Federal government’s actions is declining as the years roll on, then why should corporations and special interests waste money giving former Congressmen seven-figure salary lobbying jobs?

The reason it’ll keep on happening longer than necessary is that in politics, and a lot of life, reality is miles ahead of perception, and also the concept of institutional inertia.  If any lamestream Republicans have figured out what I have, then maybe they’ve figured that they can grift off the system during the time lag.  Catch while catch can.

When perception finally catches up, then corporate and special interest money will be all in and all out on Presidential politics exclusively.




2 responses

12 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

These sad sacks of shit aren’t even real politicians, they’re a parliament of whores. They don’t actually govern and have no real power. They haven’t had any power for decades in either of Congresses Big Houses. The Lobbyists write the bills and they sell their votes for gifts and donations. Some go to their re-election fund, and the rest go to some fake charity or foundation run by their wife or family member. If you want to know why they won’t stop Obama, its not just corruption, its just that they really don’t do any of that governing thing there. They sell access, and sell votes for lobbyist written bills, and their staff does the rest. There is no real governing going on anymore. The whores are too busy cutting deals and taking bribes to care about any of the governing part. The unelected bureaucrats do most of that crap now, and poorly at that.

19 10 2016
We Sure Showed Him | Countenance Blog

[…] Though the good news, at least good to the sadist in me, is that even without the world becoming fully Pepefied any time soon, the Stupid Party is killing the golden egg laying goose of the revolving door just as a function of its own stupidity. Me, eight days ago: […]

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