Et Tu?

12 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

More Wikileaks.

Podesta wanted to enact “fundamental transformation” of the Catholic Church from within.

Because Pope Francis is such an incorrigible alt-right fire breather…oh wait….

The modern Catholic Church gives the modern left 90% of what it wants, but because it’s not 100%, they’re losing their fucking minds and chimping out over the other 10%.

Also, even as the master of reconciling contradictions that I am, I can’t figure out why the left, which constantly tells us that religion is irrelevant, cares about what the Catholic Church or any other church does.  The only thing I can come up with is that the left has made the calculation that while they think religion is irrelevant, that they have it in their heads that the Catholic Church still wields a lot of power over a lot of people and is able to influence political affairs in many places.  I don’t think that’s true.  But maybe it’s the case that the left thinks it, so they think the only thing separating the world from the utopia that can only result from the left’s ideology is infiltrating the Catholic Church from the inside and getting them to sign on to the other 10% under the color of edicts.

In reality, the left is winning on the basket of issues in the other 10% in spite of all this choking influence they think the Catholic Church has.




One response

12 10 2016
Dr Duke

I am not one of those who blames the Jews for everything but I suspect Jewish influence over the democrats is the reason behind their infatuation with Christianity. For some reason Jews seem to over estimate the power and influence of Catholics and Catholicism and under estimate the power and influence of other Christians.

FYI have you seen 3 women now claim Trump sexually assaulted them over 10 years ago and they for reasons unknown did not tell anyone until now?

At least I know what the number one story will be for the next month now. BTW I find it interesting how many people don’t know that BJ Bill had to pay Paula Jones 3/4 of a million. For some reason a setting president settling a sexual harassment case just wasn’t that newsworthy when it happened.

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