Fear the Rand

12 10 2016

Bowling Green, Kentucky

More revelations from the Wikileaks doc dump which some of the #NeverTrump gang falsely think that Trump was nothing more than a Clinton conspiracy all along.

They really feared Rand Paul.

They really feared 5% in Iowa and pretty much nothing anywhere else?

It also says they feared Scott Walker, Krispy Christie, Piyush Jindal, and of course, Jeb!.

These e-mails were supposed to be private documents, so we can’t write this off as the disingenuous political jitz of public posturing and rope-a-dope.  Not only that, I’ve talked with enough ex-liberals and ex-Democrats and a handful of current ones to know that they really do think this.

It is a constant source of amusement to me the brand of lames, limps and losers within the Republican Party that Democrats mortally fear.  The only explanation I can come up with to explain it is that they get distorted signals about establishment, moderate, non-white and cuckish Republicans and their popularity and national electoral chances from the bubble they live and exist inside.

I’ll say it again:  If the Republicans actually nominated any one of the named individuals in this post, Hillary would actually have the 50-point polling lead she laments she doesn’t have over Trump.




4 responses

12 10 2016
David In TN

Yes, liberals really think like that. I ought to know. I was once a liberal myself. In college, circa 1970, I even flirted with the new Left. I know how they think.

First of all, they consider “conservatism” to be “racism.” Whenever they lose a national election, those Evil White Racists voter their prejudices. Partly for this, they don’t consider right wing arguments legitimate.

A liberal considers himself morally pure and morally right. He’s on the correct side of history. Conservatives are mean, insensitive, dumb, harsh, insincere, etc.

Liberals don’t understand the difference between neocons, beltway right, big donors, paleocons. To them the Alt-Right confirms their perennial fear.

To them, the Alr-Right has no right to be heard or their ideas considered. They’re racists, racists, racists.

Yes, liberals are afraid of the lamestream right. I’ve had them wail to me “The religious right is invading our bedrooms.” Years ago I told one the religious right was dead as a political force and had lost every battle. He was still worried.

BTW, your biggest fan was also a left-winger when young.

Why do some of us change? You get older and see the world as it really is. Another thing, you don’t have to make excuses for the liberal pets. I can’t tell you what a liberating feeling it was when I stopped making excuses.

As a liberal you do a lot of it.

12 10 2016

So you’re telling me that a lot of the right side of history is already history, and a lot of current years are now on the archipelago of last years?

You’re right, not only because I’ve absorbed the history, but because you’ve lived it — There’s nothing new about any of this.

Although I think you sorta missed my nuance point: I’m wondering precisely why the left acutely fears the sort of establishment Republican we mock. They usually don’t win, even when they do, they win because they accidentally back into wins, and if they win, they give the left at least half of what they want.

12 10 2016
David In TN

I was just telling you how liberals think. I kept in touch with one of my college teachers, history and political science, whom I’ll call Dr. M. He was once something like head of the national society of college political science teachers. At his retirement ceremony, then President Bill Clinton sent a congratulatory message.

Dr. M’s view of history was there is always progress and society becomes more liberal. My view was so-called progress can lead to destruction.

Dr. M considered himself an expert on the constitution. I told him America becoming a majority nonwhite country will have negative repercussions He would say, “Well, Maybe not.”

Sometime around 15 years ago, Dr. M told me “Neoconservatives, Paleoconservatives, I can’t tell the difference.” This coming from a man with a Doctorate and of some eminence.

A few times, I showed Dr. M a few Samuel Francis columns. He said “Who’s this guy Francis?” Sam made him angry by the force of his argument.

Why does the left “acutely fear the sort of establishment Republican we mock?” They believed for a long time the majority out in flyover country would vote against them, Nixon and Reagan’s four presidential victories gave them this fear. They’ve mostly lost it now IMO. They will become insufferable to the nth degree if Hillary wins.

Hillary winning will make them think they can move in for the kill.

12 10 2016
Richard Kvies

How can you lose when a detached, poorly educated electorate gets its only information funneled and filtered by a bias media. I saw this first hand, as a 15 year old, when Senator Barry Goldwater was destroyed by a pro-LBJ media. Today’s republic is an illusion.

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