Grace to You

12 10 2016

Washington, D.C.

Yeah, well.

In a normal sort of current year, I would interpret this politically loaded head spinning bafflegabbery as a typical Jewish attempt to pass actually existing Jewish privilege off as non-existent white privilege, so that Jews can continue to engage in what is to most of them the politically agreeable sociopolitics of complaining about non-existent white privilege and trying to dismantle it.

But I think, in light of the actual current year, this deserves a different sort of look.

The Frankenstein monster that Jews had an invaluable hand in creating, the diversity colossus, is turning on its creator.  For the most part, BLM is down with BDS.  And that is an example of the fact that while the diversity colossus imposes political correctness, it does not feel restrained by it.  They’re not scared to state openly the things that we white bread goy won’t say because we’re scared of being or being called anti-Semitic, because Hitler gas chambers.  For awhile, we were trying to figure out what angle the Jews would play to get back on the good side of its own Frankenstein.  In very recent weeks, it seems like they angle they’re going to work is the “Jews of color” bit, which you find referenced in this article.

The purpose of this article is this:  The Jews are confessing their sins of privilege to throw themselves at the mercy of BLM, and contradictorily casting themselves as non-white victims and marginalized outcasts to arrest BLM’s mental otherization of Jews.




6 responses

12 10 2016

In the current year jews are a little nervous, maybe a little more than a little:

“As political opponents, Jews are tricky and super vocal, but they’re not ones to hang around if things get tough. As I’ve said, Jewish power is real, but it’s like a (((Rube Goldberg))) machine. There are so many improbable moving parts that it could stop running at any minute. (In fact, it looks to me like it’s already in pieces on the floor. Good luck getting it going again . . . )”

12 10 2016

A Rube Goldberg machine with so many improbable moving parts.

That’s the perfect way to describe this article. I would have needed all day to write an effective response to it, if I wanted to write something that both addressed all the points I wanted to and untangle all the complicated rhetorical tricks. I didn’t want to get bogged down in a quagmire in Nuanceistan; after all, my real life work needs attention, and then there’s the matter of my startup.

So, that’s why I glossed over it and let my fingers rip.

12 10 2016

Good impulse; just because some anxious jew somewhere types a bunch of lies doesn’t mean it’s worth your time to refute it. This realization is becoming commonplace across certain portions of the right, which might account of some of the aforementioned nervousness. Lots of us are giving fewer and fewer cares, to put it nicely.

12 10 2016

Looking at the comments…the congregation did not say “Amen”.

12 10 2016

I stopped reading the article when the Rabbi mentioned the word Reform.
Grew up in Brooklyn – I know exactly what that means.

12 10 2016

Being Gods Chosen people, is a supremacist mind set. The article is a smoke screen. What is so interesting to me is how many young Arab women are with the BDS movement. They speak very well, are very intelligent and are able to attack other young minorities to their cause.And they do know suffering first hand from the Jews.

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