Speaking of Working Both Sides

12 10 2016


Working both sides isn’t just for Louise Mensch.

“Sad that he lost his life in the manner which he fought to end,” Edwards said.

Well, not so much.  The cottage industry of “former” a little bit older “ex” gang bangers is full of these types — Men who are clever enough to project a fake image of being removed from or aged out of or regretful about “that life” and ever having lived it, just long enough to worm their way into jobs, contracts, Federal grants, (notice that this one was on the pay of the DOJ), this that and the third, on the pretense of preventing younger men from being about that life, while at the same time they’re still about that life themselves.

Eventually, hot lead exposes the contradiction and the conflict of interest.

None of this would be happening if we weren’t fool enough to keep on parroting the bromide of gangs gangs gangs gangs gangs.  Most black crime has nothing to do with gangs, or even drugs.




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