Unter Mensch

12 10 2016


I’ve been trying to figure out what Louise Mensch was really up to.

Turns out it was just a new spin on an old grift.  Heat Street is just disingenuous (but not factually inaccurate) clickbait and revenue harvesting, so that people who have no desire to affect political change to the liking of the typical Heat Street reader can make that money and spend it on the total opposite agenda.  Mensch is just working both sides.

Thank you, Julian Assange, for letting me know now to waste my time with Heat Street.




2 responses

12 10 2016

The giveaway was when Heat Street was founded so quickly after Ben Shapiro left Breitbart . . . not enough jews there without Ben, time for a new site.

13 10 2016

Also a criminal offence in Britain- pointing out to the likes at her that “JEW! We see you.”.

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