And the Beat Goes On (I’m the Only One Hearing It)

13 10 2016

Palo Alto, California

Not a surprise to me at all.  HRC has not only lauded her former boss’s unilateral use of executive authority (we used to call it “dictatorship”), she bemoans the fact that he hasn’t gone far enough and has openly promised to go further.

How would that manifest on this issue if she ever has the opportunity?  We know her former boss on this same issue using this same method only ordered a bunch of useless irrelevant bureaucratic fluff, and the only substantial policy made was to add those who receive their Social Security benefits by means of a representative payee to the NCIC block list, because as we all know, there is a massive epidemic of bedridden insane old people running around shooting people.

I think, if she ever has the opportunity, she would use the pen and phone to implement the universal background check, even though she and all her lawyers and hacks would try to justify it with the precepts of the separation of powers, i.e. to make it appear that this isn’t an illegal executive overreach, behind a bunch of deliberately confusing babble, bafflegabbery and mumbo jumbo.  All because the left has convinced itself that the only reason there’s any violent crime at all is because private peer to peer sales don’t have to be run through NCIC.




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13 10 2016

Oh, let her issue her order, if she gets elected. She seems to think that if she wins, she’ll have legitimacy. Also, she seems to think people might obey her order. I imagine some would, just as I imagine that such an order might serve as a hair trigger for violence. Presumably she’d want compliance to be voluntary (lol) or enforced by local cops (also lol).

I suspect that the more extreme elements on the right would view such an order as an excuse for disobedience of the non-civil kind. OTOH, maybe not, perhaps Americans have none of that left in them.

13 10 2016
Dr Duke

What will go hand in glove with UBC is a registry of who owns what. I suspect most people will ignore that. However they will then get sent to federal prison if they ever use an unregistered gun or they find them after their house burns down or other disaster. Canada did that a while back with flooded houses.

That right there is more than enough reason to elect Trump. I always knew it would be a long shot and I fear I feel any chance slipping away. By screwing Trump the stupid party is setting up not just a HRC presidency but dem controlled congress. If she gets congress she wont even have to use the EO.

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