Things Have Changed Around There

13 10 2016


Front of Drudge right now.


Good ole Cherokee Street on the front of Drudge for the world to see.





6 responses

13 10 2016

I saw that pic before in the P-D, but I looked at it again.

I took a closer look at the ook swinging the bat. I am almost certain that’s someone I’ll see in many days in the first four months of next year, that being Bruce Franks. I know his campaign office was on Cherokee Street, and I know that’s also where his insurance business is.

13 10 2016
john jones

Is that Cherokee street or somewhere else? The Drudge link has a Cherokee Street story but doesnt have that street parade picture.

13 10 2016

That’s definitely Cherokee Street. In fact, it’s the corner of Cherokee and Iowa looking north along Iowa. The Columbia Tribune story Drudge linked to did not have that picture, but a P-D story a few days ago about the Cherokee Street festivities in question did have that pic.

18 10 2016
Ahem | Countenance Blog

[…] Somewhere along Cherokee Street, Bruce Franks is saying, “ahem.”  That is, when he’s not swinging a baseball bat at Trump pinatas. […]

2 11 2016
Okay, I’ll Try Anyway | Countenance Blog

[…] What Franks means by that is that he wants Northside-Southside to go down Jefferson Avenue and have a stop at Cherokee Street.  Presumably so people can go see him beat up Trump pinata dolls. […]

20 12 2016
Comic Book Superheroes Do Not Exist in Real Life | Countenance Blog

[…] Bruce Franks was jacked at gunpoint yesterday evening. […]

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