Hitting the Money G-Spot

14 10 2016

Jefferson City

A minor national political news story this morning:  Of the nine Gubernatorial contests held once every four years on Presidential years, plus Vermont and New Hampshire whose Gubernatorial races are held every two years, meaning eleven are up this cycle, ours is one with the most money spent on it, by a going away margin.

The speculation over why this is the case brings up some factors that happen to be both true and miss the point.

Like I’ve been telling you too often for too long, this race this year, and it didn’t matter who the nominees were or are, was always going to be a de facto single issue referendum on RTW.  Which means that interested stakeholders have a direct incentive to pour buckets upon buckets of money on the two major party nominees, and I’ve had a front row seat to that show since August,  in fact before, because Chris Koster was going to be the Democrat nominee all along, the unions have been bucking him up (double entendre) for around the last two years.  And when Eric Grietens won the Republican primary in August, business groups have contributed their own buckets of dough.





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