‘It will be a bloodbath’: 3 ‘militia’ men charged with WMD conspiracy, threatening Somali refugees

15 10 2016

Head on over to Sab and read the whole thing. This also gives me the opportunity to link back to a prophetic post of mine back in July, which, ironically, Sab himself reblogged. You know Sab and I are tag teaming to try and knock some sense into the world.



Always assume that the person you’re talking to who goes along with or encourages violent actions is a paid FBI informant.

The FBI does a terrible job at putting Hillary in prison and stopping Muslim terror attacks, but let some good ol’ white boys start talking about evening the score with black Muslim immigrants, and you can be sure that the FBI will stop that attack.

I will not say anything about any particular militia activity since the FBI probably has nothing better to do than read politically incorrect websites. I will say that the concept of the armed private militia group is a good one. These groups are like an adult version of the Boy Scouts before the Scouts allowed homosexuals and trannies in.


Three members of the Kansas Security Force and the Crusaders stand accused of planning to bomb some 120 Somali Muslim refugees living in an…

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15 10 2016

In case you miss my whole point of this:

Provided that these allegations are in any way true, and when it comes to conspiracy, you always have to maintain doubts, is that these three were right to be angry. But if they were going to translate their anger into physical force, or threatened physical force, it shouldn’t have been against the Somali grifters themselves (remember, “refugees” are still considered to be sympathetic victim figures in most quarters), and not against the Feds (too abstract). That town probably has some chicken plucking plant, agricultural processing, and the CEO of the firm partnered with the Feds to bump a whole lot of cheap docile labor on the town imported from Somalia. These three, if they were going to resort to violence, would have done better to go to the CEO of that firm and bash in his skull with baseball bats.

Everyone hates corporate CEOs. They are not at all sympathetic victim figures.

Let me put it to you this way: As a PR guy, I’d much rather have the job of defending Huey, Louie and Dewey here after they (hypothetically) violently assaulted Donnie Smith (see below), rather than have the job of defending them after they supposedly did what they supposedly did. The PR of doing something bad to a corporate CEO is a way more gentle hill than the PR of threatening “poor dejected refugees.” If you came to my desk and put two folders in my inbox, one contained paperwork and beyond a reasonable doubt evidence that Huey Louie and Dewey actively conspired to shoot up and blow up an apartment farm full of Somalians, and the other contained paperwork and beyond a reasonable doubt evidence that they smashed in Donnie Smith’s skull, which folder am I going to take and which one am I going to send to File 13? Right.

Now, a defense attorney would do the opposite, because in that hypothetical circumstance, conspiracy without any actual violence is easier to beat than violence that has actually occurred. But, remember, I do PR, not criminal defense. I deal with the court of public opinion, the defense attorney deals with the court of law. And in that case, hypothetically, all that matters to me is that “refugee” Qs a lot higher than “corporate CEO.”

15 10 2016

And right on cue. Check out Garden City, Kansas’s list of top employers:


Good ole Tyson again. Good ole Donnie Smith again, Satan incarnate himself.

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