Three AM Phone Calls

15 10 2016

Gainesville, Florida

The story.

Notice the hotline is 24/7.

I reacted in AR:

Okay, let me work it up this way:

3 AM phone calls:

1915: “President Wilson, the Germans have sunk the Lusitania.”

1929: “President Hoover, the stock market has fallen through the floor.”

1941: “President Roosevelt, the Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.”

1944: “President Roosevelt, D-Day was a success.”

1948: “President Truman, the Soviets are blockading West Berlin.”

1962: “President Kennedy, the Soviets are shipping nuclear weapons to Cuba.”

1965-1968: “President Johnson, Negroes are rioting in many major cities.”

1974: “President Nixon, the House has scheduled impeachment hearings.”

1978: “President Carter, disco.”

1990: “President Bush, Saddam Hussein has invaded Kuwait.”

2001: “President Bush, Muslim terrorists have hijacked airliners and flown them into the World Trade Center buildings in lower Manhattan.”

2016: “I don’t like his Halloween costume! It’s triggering and microaggressing me zomg!”





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