Sunday Wrap-Up

16 10 2016


* Tales from the Catalano.  Even though their business isn’t what it used to be, they still get it from me.  In my car, I always have a relatively recent City/County and the most recent St. Charles County.  Though since St. Louis County isn’t growing, it’s not adding new roads or streets, so there’s no reason for me to buy City/County annually; in fact, the version I have is 2012.  St. Charles County, OTOH, and as you can infer from the article, is continuing to grow grow grow, and add streets, so I do buy it every year.  (Sorry, Norm.  I don’t get down your way often enough such that I feel the need to buy Jefferson County.)  And, going back to my point, even though I have one or more sail foams at my disposal all the time, and can hit Google Maps at any time, and I do often, I still find printed maps and atlases simultaneously useful.

* The first version of this story showed her pic, but the reason it does not anymore, I presume, is because she was found, and she is a minor.  But when it did show her pic, we saw she is a young lady of color, vibrant, diverse.

We keep getting bombarded all the time with stories of “missing” black girls because the cracker jack box revvunds, black SJWs and black Twitter did nothing but bitch and whine about TV stations running stories of missing pretty white blonde girls but never of missing Sharkieshas.  That’s because so many of the “missing” Sharkesihas aren’t really missing, they’ve run to the streets to turn tricks.

* Yeah, he should sue, and sue big.  This also sounds to me like a certain guard needs to be on the other side of the bars.

* Even Springfield, Illinois has a BCC, enough to generate these kinds of stories.  It’s tempting to think that its Dinduistan is AFFHed from Chicago, but in reality, it’s had a mini-Dinduistan for as long as I can remember.


* Oh how I wish.

Then again, he may not be that wrong.

* I think her setting on Tim Kaine so long ago and the Clinton machine conniving to make sure that Terry McAuliffe won Governor in 2013 are both related — I think the Clinton machine have had it in their heads for a long time that Virginia will make the ultimate difference.

* Standard rednecks?  As opposed to premium rednecks?

* Cracked, not one of my daily stops, to be sure.  Even though half of this reads like it was cribbed from Sailer.

* Blue team.  Duh.


* Even if we are bound for awhile for a totally one-party national political culture, don’t think for one moment that it would be the end of politics.  Not even close.

Because this involves the intersectionality of black and gay matters, I knew BLM, which is largely a black LGBTQetc activist movement, would get involved.

* The Hunt for the Great White Defendant.  Better that Hillary and Podesta should have hoped that the doer’s name was Sherman McCoy.  (Speaking of which, I hear another attempt at a Bonfire movie is coming out.  It’ll suck as much as the first one back in ’90 starring Tom Hanks did, because Bonfire the book and the narrative has the sort of word twists and plot nuances that don’t translate well to motion picture form.)

* You know, he’s right.  It’s time for the media to knock off the conspiracy theorizing, all the paranoia about the Russians behind every tree and behind every hack.

* My interpretation of the article Vox is quoting is a bit different.  Read it carefully, and the author is basically admitting that modern post-WWII Buckleyite mainstream conservatism has amounted to little more than the Jews cock blocking white racial or ethno nationalism from attaching itself to the mainstream of the right.  Even though I think the driver for that being the case was not the Jews, but Buckley personally.

* But these are the same people who tell us that voter fraud is so rare.

* Duh, that’s the point, and the purpose.

* The first sentence of the subheadline is: President Obama promised to fight corporate concentration. What it really should read is: President Obama promised to fight for corporate concentration.  This brings up Rahm, but it would have also done well to mention that the other side of Tom Daschle’s bed is a long time airline industry lobbyist.

But, don’t worry about any of this.  Because someone somewhere tweeted something transphobic.

* Update in the UVa rape hoax.

* And what are the two morals of this story?  The left, which is in constant fear of rape culture and says that IQ doesn’t matter, will, when convenient, and when the “sympathetic” subject matter is black, flip the script.

* Joey Vento did it and stood firm.  But he couldn’t live forever.

* What have I always told you?  The professors are behind it.


* The straw that’s breaking the camel’s back…in Sweden.  Yes, Sweden.

* Like I’ve been saying, the Remain crowd in the aftermath of the vote going against them is going to try to gum up the works and delay delay delay until we’ve forgotten all about it with our short attention spans, at which time we’ll notice that formal EU exit procedures have not been and will never be started.


* Wouldn’t it be just the sh….er, I should quit dreaming.

That’ll happen the same day the Navy christens a USS Pepe.

* There may be two trillion galaxies in the universe.  With so many stars in our galaxy and in every galaxy, and with so many galaxies in the universe, there’s just so much stuff out there that I think that the odds of there being at least one other human-level intelligence or higher sentient species in the universe is as close to 100% as anything can be without actually being 100%.

* And that news is referenced in this news.  This riddle is not hard.  The answers are:  The law of inverse squares, and the limits of human visual acuity.  Sure, there’s a whole lot out there, in fact, way more than we thought, as it turned out.  But almost all of it is too dim to the best non-enhanced human eyes even under the best terrestrial observing conditions and no light pollution.  And what we can see, at best some 4,500 stars at any one time, again, presuming best human eyes and best observing conditions and no light pollution, are the light from 4,500 stars that, even the apparently brightest among them, that arrive at Earth as just points of light, which can’t illuminate the Earth’s atmosphere, and can’t change the sky color.  Even with telescopes, almost all stars visible from Earth are just points of light; only the very largest stars by radius and relatively nearby and with Hubble and with post-photographic tricks can be shown as visible disks.  Even the Moon, as bright as it is, magnitude -12.6 when full, which is some 1,900 times brighter than Venus at its brightest, doesn’t do much to change the night sky’s color, though it brightens it just enough to annoy astronomers.

“Placebo effect is everything that surrounds that pill — the interaction between patient, doctor or nurse,” Kaptchuk said. “It’s the symbols, it’s the rituals. These are powerful forces.”

Not even that.  Man is a social animal.

* I don’t doubt this.  But remember that dogs’ hearing is also way better than humans’, and I think doge knows when master is home not because of diurnal scent changes in the house, but because doge can hear so well that he can hear master’s car engine and discern its distinctive noise relative to other car engines.

* “Fight club.”  Meh, looks like a bunch of nerds happy slapping and bitch slapping each other.

* How Lil’ Wayne stopped worrying and learned not to despise white cops.

* It sweats.  Which means its programmers better program it with the habit of spraying off the gym’s machines with the spray bottle.

We’re worried about transgenders and locker rooms, and now bots and androids will need one of their own.

* Speaking of locker rooms, LeBron’s rejoinder to Trump.

Of course he doesn’t talk that way in locker rooms, and nobody he knows does that, either.  And for good reason — When he’s in locker rooms, so are lots and lots of media people, cameras, microphones, flies on the wall.  He essentially gives naked press conferences.




6 responses

16 10 2016
16 10 2016

“* I don’t doubt this. But remember that dogs’ hearing is also way better than humans’, and I think doge knows when master is home not because of diurnal scent changes in the house, but because doge can hear so well that he can hear master’s car engine and discern its distinctive noise relative to other car engines.” – Having seen a dog do precisely this, its uncanny. He was pattern recognizing who would knock on the door, or show up, based on presumably car engine sounds.

16 10 2016
Alex the Goon

Sweden’s backContinues to break.
USS Pepe – I wonder if the Frogmen would be court martialed, if they put him on their heraldry patch.
Dogs hearing daddy’s car – I’ve seen a cat do this, too. It’s not just the engine, as two of the same car could be on the same street. The RPMs, brakes, and whatnotelse will carry a unique signature for the same driver making the same landing approach to his driveway, day after day.

16 10 2016
Hard Right

I wonder if the Frogmen would be court martialed, if they put him on their heraldry patch.

I’d be surprised if they haven’t already designed one.

17 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Lebron James should write a book on etiquette. He could call it, “How to get shot in an upscale neighborhood as a Millionaire Celebrity and still blame poverty”. It will be on Oprah’s OJ Simpson Law for Niggas Series of Easy to Read Coffee colored books on tape.

17 10 2016
David In TN

It was about 8-10 years ago the whining escalated about “Missing white girls are always in the news. You never hear about a hunt for a missing black child.”

So the “crime shows” started having missing black girls frequently. However, the problem always was (is) you have to show the perpetrator (if there is one), if found, who is always black.

The MSM prefers crime stories without a black villain, which cuts down on coverage of black on black crime.

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