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17 10 2016


Yes, it’s Monday, so you’re all probably still hung over from the weekend.

So let me give you an alertness and mental acuity test.

Read this, and the come back.

Good, you’re back.

Let’s see if you’re thinking what I’m thinking.




6 responses

17 10 2016

The lesson of Ferguson:

“If a police officer shoots a violent criminal in self defense, don’t burn down your own neighborhood.”

17 10 2016

Parents for Teachers is a george soros NGO?

17 10 2016

probably something simpler like “if blacks could be parents they dont need parents as teachers”

17 10 2016

I’ll pay this off by tonight, if I don’t, one of you leave a loud all caps comment in this thread so I don’t forget.

So far, nobody is close to what I’m thinking, even though it’s no less truthful.

17 10 2016

I just skimmed it. I’m guessing the group shifted its mission to BLM/PTSD. There seems to be money in PTSD. The underlying mission always is perpetuating the group.

17 10 2016

Okay, let me pay this off.

We read about Hispanic problems and white working class rural problems. So why is this being held in Ferguson? When things don’t involve the ook, and don’t involve them that much, we or they find a way to make it implicitly about them.

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