18 10 2016


WABC-7 New York:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday tore into Donald Trump for sowing suspicion about the integrity of the U.S. election, telling the Republican presidential nominee to “stop whining” and focus on winning votes.

Obama called Trump’s intensifying, pre-emptive warnings about voter fraud “unprecedented” in modern politics. The rhetoric is not based on any evidence, Obama said, but is simply aimed at discrediting the election before the first votes are counted.

Somewhere along Cherokee Street, Bruce Franks is saying, “ahem.”  That is, when he’s not swinging a baseball bat at Trump pinatas.

Also, we don’t need a lecture about whining from the sorest ass winner around.




5 responses

18 10 2016

Right on cue.


Like I said, there is a very recent local example.

18 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Basically when we complain about anything that actually happens ape city is all, “Get over it YT, stop whining.”, but when these morons complain about shit that never happened to them, it be a Federal Case that needs addressing and Billions more moola and gibs me dat in tribute. This isn’t a community, its a ruthless terrorist organization. The only difference between Captain Simian and Dr. Evil is Dr. Evil has a plan, no matter how ludicrous, and Captain Simian is just a low bred ingrate whose envious hatred of mankind has no bounds. He wants you dead, he’s just too much of a fag and sissy boy to say it out loud like Calypso Louie and his space wheel club of cargo cultists in Africa, USA.

18 10 2016

I also remember one of the Wikileaks last week (there are now so many that the ones last week are ancient history), that Hillary and her people were worried about her being a victim of the same kind of voter fraud which hurt her in 2008. Which means she knows that Obama beat her in some contests through pure fraud. And I’m all but certain that Obama won Iowa over Hillary in 2008 off of bused in ineligible out of state residents.


18 10 2016
Hard Right

More Whiny Leftists….

18 10 2016
Alex the Goon

If HNICUS says there will be no fraud in the election, then why does HNICUS’s DHS say they need to “secure” the election systems this year?

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