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18 10 2016


O’Keefe Drops Part II.

Everyone now admits that JFK won in 1960 off of voter fraud, just enough mafia and labor union muscle in just enough places made the difference.  But, come on now, we all know that there’s been voter fraud for as long as there’s been voting.

That’s the difference between the two of us — I’ve given up on pretense and high and mighty bullshit, and you haven’t.  And that’s your tough luck.

I’ll say it again:  There can’t be any voter fraud in the voting that never occurs.  Why I’m #NRx.




8 responses

18 10 2016

Voting always occurs, sometimes its paper, and sometimes its swords. swords tend to be harder to commit fraud with though.

18 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

You have to wonder how many of the so-called “minorities’ actually vote? I’m sure most of this pearl clutching outrage by revrums and Sybyl Rites nonsense is actually the dirty little secret that only about 10% of blacks actually do all the black voting. When blacks brag about voting ten times in the last election they must have ten names of niggers who they don’t expect to show or at least nine if they are actually in that district. The same 10% probably get smokes and booze to ride a bus all day and vote for da peeps who didn’t need to show up to elect their candidate. I suppose the damn low turnout of Hispanics is the “I don’t care about El Norte” factor where they only vote in Mexican elections. Since most of these peons work they probably don’t want to get on a bus nowhere. I suppose they figure eventually the jig will be up and that bus might actually be an express back to Tijuana.

19 10 2016
High Arka

If we’re giving up on pretense, why do we care whether it’s a monarchy or a democracy? Or am I reading “NRx” wrong?

19 10 2016

These antics are a natural and inevitable consequence of democratic republicanism. Colonel Sanders always wants you to eat more fried chicken, not less, and therefore, he has an incentive to make sure that medical research about fatty fried foods being deleterious to one’s health are ignored and buried. Likewise, democracy, a system which places the concept of voting as its supreme virtue, will always demand more voters, and will neutralize any internal attempt to limit the number of voters.

20 10 2016
High Arka

I checked with the Colonel and he says that he has been spending several years educating consumers about how his low-calorie grilled options are a healthier choice compared to fried items. Far be it for me to be a defender of universal democracy, but monarchical Europe fathered the problems of democratic Europe just like the Silents fathered the problems of the Boomers. Blaming some governmental system rather than an identifiable outside infectious agent sounds like exactly what (((Moldbug))) would want you to do.

19 10 2016

The real fraud is in the marxist judges opposition to voter ID laws so every illegal alien can show up and vote for the democrats. All 50 million of them or whatever astounding number it actually is. The 11 million number is a huge lie, I watched the rush hour traffic in Tualatin-Sherwood road in the late 2000s as I was walking back from a U-pick Raspberry grove. This is a fairly nice new exurb and one third of the cars contained hispanics. So your basically looking at Oregon having between one and two million hispanics, a good % probably illegal. This is one of the smaller population states, throw the rest of the country into the mix and 11 million is probably just the California total alone.

20 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I hear that clownboy the Maharajah of Eyesore, Georgie Soreass has bought the voting machines in 16 states. Man this is so bad, War is inevitable now. I hear someone found out that the cyberattacks are domestic operations. Either someone went rogue at CIA or China has some guys working stateside. This new Cold War between the Federal Reserve and the BRICS bankers is getting down and dirty either way.
Granny wants a no-fly zone in Syria. I think this old hag has missed the memos from the Pentagram that Russia’s new jets have passed ours by since Monkey Boy has been cutting their budget. The Military Industrial Complex might be running Wikileaks and a black ops to put Granny in a ditch since her antipathy for Military stuff is worse than Monkey Boy.

20 10 2016

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