There’s Only a Bright Side

18 10 2016

Because I subscribe to Joey Salads, I already saw this. Since Drudge had it as his headline and embedded it, half the world has also seen it.

First off, I’m a bit surprised. Usually, they’ll try to hot wire and steal cars in this situation.

Second, is this supposed to be sad news? If I was Trump, I’d be worried if pants sagging goons like these were supporting me. Believe me, in politics, I want to be on the opposite side of the planet from people like these. If they otherize me, all the better, it saves me the hassle of otherizing them.


See the comment section below, evidently this was all a setup.  Needless to say, I’ll be unsubscribing to Joey Salads in a few minutes.




3 responses

18 10 2016
✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

apparently scripted, that is, fake:

18 10 2016

And I’ve heard that criticism of Joey Salads’s videos before. Ironically, this expose is coming from Mark Dice, and Dice can be the same sort of agitprop bullshit artist, even though in recent months, he has gotten away from the silly video stings and moved on to some better things.

If this is fake, then the element which probably aces it was the fact that the ooks didn’t try to steal the car.

18 10 2016

Let me clarify myself on Mark Dice, before someone gets all Rossington Collins Band up in here.

I’m not accusing Mark Dice of deliberately faking stuff up. My case against him, or his former mode of presentation, is more subtle:


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