Short of 270

19 10 2016

Salt Lake City

H/T our very own Lewis33.

My first reaction was that not even the Mormons of Utah would be foolish enough to vote for a one state one religion novelty schmuck candidate like Egg McMuffin just to spite Trump.

My second reaction is that not only would they do so, but they’re going to do so, for a very specific purpose.

They think that doing so means that Egg McMuffin wins Utah, meaning either Trump nor Cankles gets Utah’s EC votes, and it could prevent either one from getting to 270.

Meaning the election goes to the House. And House members aren’t bound by anything in their voting. Remember, the House that would so vote is House that won off the 2014 midterms, meaning the most heavily Republican House in a long time, and the one that saw fit to give the Speaker’s gavel to John Boehner and Paul Ryan. They’re sure as hell not going to vote for Hillary, and by now, they’re not going to vote for Trump.

Here comes Mitt Romney.

A Mormon.

Hence the speculation ever since Egg McMuffin started his novelty independent candidacy that he was nothing more than a Romney foil.  I heard it, but I didn’t figure out the calculus of the accusation until just now.




11 responses

19 10 2016

them there Jello Eaters ain’t smart enough to get that tricky…. imho… btw, Jello Connoisseur magazine on-sale for $2.99 a year for new subscriber’s

19 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Their mysterious golden dicks they got from the Angel Moron must tell them to follow in the footsteps of the Mighty Dodo. Onward! Never trust a Zionist. The New Zion of the Dead Salt Lake is not far different from the New Zion of the Dead Salt Sea. Ben Dover 2016: cause it only hurts if you notice.

19 10 2016
Hard Right

The Twelfth Amendment requires the House to choose from among the top three candidates. Each State delegation gets one vote.

19 10 2016

Okay, then in that scenario, it means that that the top three EC vote getters would be Hillary (> 270), Trump (>270), McMullin (6, after winning Utah). If those are the three choices:

President McMullin.

19 10 2016

If the election is close enough for it to matter it means an inevitable civil war regardless.

19 10 2016
Hard Right

That where the State delegations become important. How many of them will tell the “leadership” to fuck off? The winner has to get 26 votes.

19 10 2016
Hard Right

Check out Section 3 of the Twentieth Amendment. There’s plenty of room for chicanery if the Cucks drag it out until 20 January.

19 10 2016
19 10 2016
Hard Right

That was assuming theCunt wins.

19 10 2016

Jesus Christ, Hillary is a Chatty Kathy doll…just pull the string. Am I the only one who is really hopping for a Allah Akbar moment in the next few weeks. I know that’s awful, but in the long run…

20 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Oh come on. The House hasn’t done anything in years. With Four Million Dead Voters, 16 states with Soros’ rigged voting machines, and new voters being sworn in by the thousands every day, they just need to lie about it, and Granny should be declared the winner by the time the polls close in Ohio. The exit polls will probably show she lost 49 states, but that’s why we have the second amendment to veto these African style elections.
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