Barry Laughs

25 10 2016

Waterford Twp., Michigan

A unanimous resolution. 

Oh, okay.

That’ll really scare ’em.

“But it was unanimous!”

Instead of wasting your time on that useless impotent bullshit, Thomas More Law Center, you should have been out pounding the pavement hustling up some votes for Trump in that a crucial swing state of Michigan.  Provided your tax status so legally permits.

I’m amazed at all the people who think they can solve the problems that the Federal government causes via local politics.  We see the same pattern with AFFH — Obama caused it, any given Democrat President will continue it, and establishment Republicans will also continue it (note that Chetty Chetty Bang Bang was/is a high-up advisor for both Cankles and Jeb!), yet the people affected by it run and scream to their local aldermen and county councilmen.  Of course, Obama likes that, because he has made an art out of doing things and getting what he wants in substance yet being able to pawn the blame for the thing’s negative consequences off on someone else.




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