Bracero, Reloaded

26 10 2016


They call it a “compromise,” except I fail to see what our side would be getting out of it.

Carlos Slim, who is the single largest individual share holder of the newspaper which has printed this “compromise” proposal, would get a lot out of it.

Neat how that works.

Also miss me with this bullshit about how immigration enforcement is a failure because we’ve spent $200 billion over the last twenty years on it.  Oh I agree we’ve spent $200 billion over the last twenty years, but that doesn’t prove immigration enforcement is a failure.  If I was the lead cop in charge of all the homicide detectives on the police department, and I spent my division’s entire budget down at Larry’s bar, how much sense would it make to claim that investigating homicides is ineffective?  That’s what’s going on with all this money we spent on immigration enforcement:  A bunch of irrelevant useless trinkets and bling and contracts all done as a distraction and a diversion while the Feds have gutted real immigration enforcement year by year.




One response

27 10 2016
Joshua Sinistar

This bullshit about cost is a red herring. Even dimbulbs like Little Jebbie know that this invasion is costing Hundreds of Billions a year. These dummies really believe they will get a piece of the pie if their kind gets squeezed out. Its idiots that are the real problem. Smart and wise people realize this scum has no honor and aren’t known for sharing. These turds like the Bush League will be either shot or thrown to the masses once their treason has done its vile work. We need to care about ourselves and fuck everyone else. Charity for others is never a good thing anyway. Help your own. Other races are either enemies or a problem. They can be target practice or dog food, but never citizens.

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