And Now This

27 10 2016

Roanoke, Virginia

He’ll be the new Omar Thornton, and to a lesser extent, the new Cookie Thornton.

You know, the bigot murderer who suddenly becomes a victim of bigotry.




6 responses

27 10 2016
Alex the Goon

The police chief praised the company for its emergency response protocols that helped many escape. On the wisdom of importing Africans into this country, or the company’s hiring of a strange foreigner, the chief offered no comment.

27 10 2016
john jones

I never noticed before how saying someone was dedicated to their country was a WRPT: “Vickie Hawkins, who identified herself as Brown’s girlfriend, told WDBJ-TV that Brown was dedicated to his family, country and job and treated her granddaughter as one of his own.”

28 10 2016
Hard Right

Philadelphia robber grins on camera while holding a deli employee at gunpoint

28 10 2016
29 10 2016
Hard Right

Has anyone reported on whether he got the “right” guy?

29 10 2016
Alex the Goon

Since the eulogies for the innocent did not include phrases like “He would never harass black people”, I’d have to say, in this reporter’s opinion, that No, it was simple, undirected chimprage.

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