That’s Not What I Noticed

30 10 2016


The lack of H-> signs was not what jumped out at me.

Two things really did.

The race to the gold star starts…NOW.

Note:  Never write anything into yard signs or the lack thereof.




11 responses

30 10 2016

Filled up the parking lot in bad weather.

30 10 2016

Not one of the two things that jumped out at me, but it’s a great catch nonetheless, therefore:

30 10 2016
Stan d Mute

Not bad really, it’s been in mid 70’s to mid 80’s with a few on/off showers. Pretty typical for this time of year down here.

30 10 2016
Avenge Harambe

All the signs for the down ballot and therefore local offices are people with Spanish surnames.

30 10 2016

You get one of the gold stars. A hint about the second thing is that it’s related to this, candidates with Spanish language last names.

31 10 2016
half dozen

I see the mostly Spanish name campaign signs lining the road while Trump has his in a campaign corral with maybe two amongst the dozens and dozens placed.

31 10 2016

Remind me to pay this off by tonight if nobody figures out the second thing.

31 10 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

It’s not one of your two things, but the white commentator has taken up the “culture” of talking with a foul mouth just like our knee grow “friends”.

31 10 2016

I see at least one conquistador American, but other than that nothing jumps out about the names.

31 10 2016


No Marco Rubio.

He’s running for Senate re-election and he lives in Miami.

1 11 2016

Look at 7 seconds on the vid, there is at least one Marco Rubio sign.

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