“White Must Die”

31 10 2016


Can’t even.

The Yehuah and Yeshuah points to black Hebrew-Israelite.

H/T to our Lewis33 aka @LewisWade35.





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31 10 2016

The cover up was deep on this one, IMPD never told people about the racial slurs on the spent shells and they said the murder of the 82 year old was “random”. I guess “targeted for being white” is random? One thing is sure, this story will get zero national coverage.

31 10 2016
David In TN

It wasn’t on Ashleigh Banfield’s new HLN “Justice with Ashleigh Banfield” show tonight.

It looks like a Zebra Killings copycat.

1 11 2016

“Court papers say forensic evidence links his gun to all those cases, but his stepfather says, “No, no, no, he’s not.”

The stepfather doesn’t believe Damoine is connected to those crimes.

His aunt, Detra Boyd, said, “He had a moment. That’s all.”

Lol, never change, dindus (we know you won’t).

The only moment this guy needs is the moment some other thug puts him out of our misery.

1 11 2016

“He had a moment,” meaning he chimped out.

1 11 2016

CF vid

1 11 2016

Great find Countenance…thanks!

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