Why I’m #NRx

31 10 2016


At least one law firm that specializes in class action is laundering (probably) illegal political campaign contributions through employee bonuses.

It’s not the only example, law firms aren’t the only sort that do it, and it happens in both parties.  Don’t doubt me.

In the matter of the politics of this story, the trial lawyers and insurance are firing money canons at each other across the battlefields of electoral and governing politics.

Remember yesterday’s wrap-up?  I reiterated and linked back to my contention that one way we’ll be able to tell if city-county reunification is perceived to have a serious chance to occur is if and when the trial lawyer lobby starts firing its money canons at the process.  The 22nd Circuit with its “stick it to da man” jurors is a national honeypot for trial lawyers.  City-county reunification would mean subsuming the 22nd into St. Louis County, meaning city-county has a single judicial circuit, and civil suits filed in that potential circuit, and I’m presuming the seat for the reunified county would be in Clayton and not Downtown, would have prospective jurors from anywhere in the combined geography of the city and county.  Which means the jury pools for civil trials in this hypothetical combined circuit would be nowhere as plaintiff-friendly as 22nd Circuit juries are and have been.



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1 11 2016
Hard Right

Why I’m a Non-Neo Reactionary….

1 11 2016

That’s precisely the reason why one should be.

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