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1 11 2016

South Florida


CALLER: — completely, you know, throwing away his vote. But don’t stunts like this illustrate the way nothing else can that the way the GOP — and perhaps maybe much of the conservative movement — is really just controlled opposition whose real concern is to “virtue signal” (sic) to the left while the country burns?  I mean, is it any surprise that with people like Paul Ryan and Kasich — and you got Egg McMuffin (sic) out there in Utah basically running a shadow campaign for Hillary.

I mean, is this a good indicator of why nothing of any consequence has been conserved over the last 50 years? Not our borders, not our demographics, not marriage, not even women’s bathrooms! I mean, they can’t even hold… They can’t even hold the line on that. (chuckle) It’s just… I mean, is there any…? Is there any hope for these people?  I mean, I don’t think so, but, I mean, when they do things like this… I mean, if it isn’t controlled opposition Rush, then why are there no corresponding figures like Paul Ryan or Kasich or —

I can see why you all might think it was your ever-lovin’ blogmeister — “Virtue signal,” “Egg McMuffin,” (i.e. Evan McMullin), and “Controlled opposition.”  All alt-right buzz phrases.  There was even a bonus allusion to World War T.

The “stunt” the caller is referring to is John Kasich doing the most John Kasich-y thing possible.





2 responses

1 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Kasich is a flaming fag, so no surprise whose side he bends over to when his blue bull chips are down. The flaccid cocks are just getting dumber and sadder. They need killin that’s all. They aren’t really alive and these boyz will never be men like US. Lets all get together on November 9th for the Turkey Shoot we all know needs doing. These Turkeys will make this Thanksgiving a Real Thanksgiving. We can all rest and eat a roasted bird after this nasty stench gets the sendoff it deserves. Those deck chairs can go where they want, but we need to make sure they sink.

1 11 2016
Alex the Goon

Rush’s transcriber needs to get with the current year. “Virtue signal” is not a sic. I also doubt the caller used airquotes over the phone.

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