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2 11 2016

Montgomery, Alabama

Especially the first and second part.

These normiecons and neocons kill me with their “they used to be good but veered off track” lame triangulatory bullshit.  They were fine with the paranoia-industrial complex hustling a small fortune off of spreading vituperative about people and groups that normies and neos didn’t and don’t like.  But when the Frankenstein turns on them, to hustle off them, they don’t much like it.

If you’re a normie or a neo, stop for a moment and consider this logic:  If the SPLC is lying about you today, then what makes you think they were being totally honest about the Klan in 1981?




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3 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

The SPLC is basically just a libelous propaganda mill financed by enemy donations run by a lame former Bambalance chasing lawyer. The Lincoln Log Cabin boys always follow their pennybags Sugar Daddies on any major issue. Its less respectable than a whorehouse full of kids in Thailand. Old cucker Will Cuckley put on that act of being a Reagan Raider, but basically he was just another fag who went through the motions of being on your side on camera and then went straight to the gay bars in Soho and Greenwich Village. These pseudoconservative Bohemian fags are all fluff and bluster. Their poofy fake attacks on modern values stop when the clock rings to end their day job, and then its off to give blowjobs to their Sugar Daddies and hit the foam parties.

3 11 2016
Hard Right

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