Well Why Not?

3 11 2016



St. Louis area child care centers are seeing reports of child on child sex acts


An attorney representing Growing Footprints said, “(The inspector) is not with Family Services and has no competence to determine whether abuse has occurred. The female child allegedly involved was 3 or 4-years-old. It is not believable that a child of such tender age would even know what these acts are, let alone force them on someone.”

If these children are what I think they are, then it’s very believable, because they’ve heard their own BT-1000 mothers scream about it for three to four years and even seen her do all sorts of those kinds of acts.  And let’s not even talk about the “music” that blares into their ears for hours and hours every day.




One response

4 11 2016

wadda’ya expect when there’s 100s of “Uncle Overnites” making the evening/night Tour of baby mamma & she’s squealing & whimpering & moaning all nite ?

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