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6 11 2016


Note the author.

Which means he knows the reason why employment decisions usually come off of face to face interviews rather than aptitude or g-loaded testing or exams.

In case you don’t, I give you a hint in the way I categorize this post.




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7 11 2016
O Kerry Anderson

After 30 yrs of interviewing Mfg candidates from 1st line Supvr- VP Ops & all Tech disciplines…most have the requisite b/g, edu & exp…the rubber meets the road in the face to face intvs & will always be that way…pin-heads like Sunstein wishes otherwise…as all Bolsheviks want to control who is hired!

7 11 2016
Stan d Mute

Research has shown over and over and over that the best single (by FAR) predictor of success in a job is IQ. Other factors certainly come into play, but none on their own exceed the predictive power of IQ. Obviously Sunstein know this so I’m not sure the point of his article. He also knows that IQ tests for employment are always a giant invitation for a race discrimination lawsuit due to the negro 15 point deficit. The only organization I know of that routinely employs IQ testing and gets way with it is the US armed forces. And even there they had to lower their minimum standard to 85 so as to be able to hire 50% of the negro population.

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