P-D Threefer

7 11 2016


(1) IRONY ALERT:  Someone who was a documented victim of voter fraud this year participates in political agitation against a measure which would deter voter fraud.

(2) “Expected to teach only black students….” “…felt an extra responsibility to not only teach black children but to provide care and nurturing for them that extended ‘well beyond the academic curriculum’ and beyond the typical duties of educators…”

That’s the official reason for needing more black teachers, because black students need them, because black thang I wouldn’t understand.

(3) But wait.  Aren’t we told not to worry about any of this because (dog whistle) it’s mostly black thugs doing it to other black thugs?  Also, if you read carefully, Messenger destroys quite a bit of the modern gun control logic.




One response

8 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

It doesn’t really matter who tries teaching the monkeys at the zoo. They won’t learn anything til they drop out of school and go to Nigger University AKA Prison. All this monkey needs to feel at home garbage is another monkey jobs that don’t involve work program. When Newt and the GOP took Congress for the first time, they figured that this was a way to offput the cost of monkey breeding to the other budgets. To shrink the massive monkey welfare rolls, they dump a lot of dumb lazy monkeys into Gubmint jobs. Gets Whites out of them at the same time. Nice of them to reduce my friendly fire that way. Never interrupt the enemy when he’s making a mistake. Napoleon had it pegged. Destroying the efficiency of their system just makes it easier to knock down.

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