Any Given Day

9 11 2016

Berkeley, California

“Berkeley HS students walk out to protest…”

That could be any day.

They’re always walking out to protest something.  I think the school schedules one period per day for protesting.

Of course, “they’re” not the ones really doing it; hence the 54th axiom.




7 responses

9 11 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Quick, padlock the doors, and cancel their free lunches.

9 11 2016
Hard Right

Oakland police gassing protestors.

9 11 2016
Hard Right

Four ppl shot at Seattle protest.

9 11 2016
9 11 2016
Hard Right

Yeah, it’s TNB.

10 11 2016

These people are all showing off and showing out just to get in front of a camera, TV or sail foam. I mean, are we really to believe that these people are mad at white people in rural Michigan because they live in the blue city within a blue state?

10 11 2016
Hard Right

They need to be spanked and sent to their rooms without any supper.

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