Equitable Distribution of Resources

9 11 2016


Trump actually got a slightly smaller (58%) share of the white vote than Mitt Romney got in 2012 (59%).

The secret sauce is that Trump’s share was better distributed among important EC states.




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9 11 2016

Nevertrump strikes again.

10 11 2016

They did manage to cost Trump 3 states, NH(if 1500 out of 30k were otherwise going to vote for Trump), MN(if 40k out of 170k), and CO(if 50k out of 140k), assuming that all of McMuffin and at least some of Gary Johnson were persuaded to not vote for Trump. There are some other states, but they’d require more or even all of the 3rd party vote from the libertarians and that can’t really be attributed to nevertrump.

They also may have cost him the popular vote, for what that is worth.

10 11 2016

306 EVs is all we need to know. Who cost him what where is really inconsequential now.

10 11 2016

Compared to Romney, Trump underperformed with whites in the West but mostly gained it back in the Rust Belt/FL panhandle. However, he did marginally better because Clinton did so poorly with whites–only 37%. Gary Johnson took quite a few otherwise natural Trump voters–if he does what he promises he’ll do I’d assume his white share will improve by a few points in 2020.

10 11 2016

From the Treehouse:


I respond:

Yeah, and, so? This minor little detail resulted in a difference of 100 electoral votes, Trump got 306, Romney got 206. That proves that Bubba is more important and exercises more real leverage than the GOPee cocktail set.

11 11 2016
Delta Map | Countenance Blog

[…] It call comes back to Slippery Six and a more equitable distribution of whites. […]

11 11 2016
Hard Right

Sailer should gloat more.

11 11 2016

Even so, he made Charles Murray eat his words.

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