European Feel

9 11 2016

Washington, D.C.

The practical governing politics of at least the next two years will have a feel that continental Europeans are familiar with, a multifactional coalition-forming shifting alliances paradigm.

The Presidency:  Relatively non-ideological alt-center neo-Jacksonianism, bordering on overt populism and nationalism

House:  A doctrinaire conservative majority, but enough non-urban populist-left Democrats to figure into the calculus on major policy and legislation votes

Senate:  The Republican establishment’s playground, and also the neocons’ last dying gasp at being able to wield any kind of influence, though since the Democrats will have no fewer than 47, and with the ever-present filibuster possibility, the Senate Democrat caucus will have to be mollified to a point.

Watching the chess board over the next two to eight years should be intriguing.




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9 11 2016
Hard Right

11 11 2016
Another One of My Profound Predictions | Countenance Blog

[…] its adherents to attain and wield exclusive national power routed through the Presidency is over.  In the short term, the next two to eight years will be really interesting to watch and perplexing to the diminishing […]

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