Mea Culpa

9 11 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I was badly and unfortunately wrong about one thing.

I predicted Trump would have no coattails.  I thought Trump would win a bunch of surprising states where the downballot Republicans would lose.  I was thinking Wisconsin as an example, that Trump would win but Ron Johnson would lose.

Trump actually did have coattails to MUH DOWNBALLOT, and the coattails were actually bi-directional, because in some instances, the MUH DOWNBALLOT turnout wound up helping Trump.

What it means is that a lot of undeserving backstabbers and nadless squishes wound up riding Trump’s ‘tails to victory.

I was also thinking that if both Trump and MUH DOWNBALLOT won, that there would be a lot of Trump voters who passed on downballot, a lot of downballot Republican voters who passed on Trump, and that the total statewide votes would be significantly higher than the total votes in the given states’ Presidential races and the downballot turnout.  That was not the case.  So there weren’t that many people like me, and there weren’t that many #NeverTrump MUH DOWNBALLOT knaves, in the end.




6 responses

9 11 2016
Avenge Harambe

Speaking of undeserving backstabbers and nadless squishes, the poster boy cuck, Mark Kirk got murdered. He would have lost anyway and his is defeat is no loss. I could not bring myself to vote for him, so I voted for the libertardian. Bob Dold who has Kirk’s old house seat in north suburban Chicago lost by a narrow margin. Dold cucked out big time against Trump.
It’s a fairly squishy district, but I do think the anti-Trump cucking hurt his cause.

9 11 2016

Of the two R to D Senate flips, Kirk and Ayotte, they’re two I certainly won’t miss. Then again, one of the few people in that institution worth a damn is about to go into Trump’s cabinet.

9 11 2016
Avenge Harambe

Yeah, Sessions will be missed in the Senate…

9 11 2016
David In TN

Yesterday I commented about someone counting on the “silent vote” has historically always been a loser. Trump’s victory is the first time it ever happened to any extent.

9 11 2016
Hard Right

Some have argued that Nixon had a “silent majority.”

9 11 2016

Parties used to make split voting difficult, though the machine I was on allowed us to do so easily. I think they were assuming a lot of never trumpers wanted to vote all R except Trump perhaps.

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