9 11 2016


Trump got 29% of the Hispanic vote and 8% of the black vote.

Just the fact that he did at least one point better than the 27% of the Hispanic vote that Romney got should flush a lot of conventional wisdom and donor-driven disingenuous political pseudo-science down the toilet and drive its peddlers into exile.

As far as blacks, I never bought into the 25% hype in the earliest polling.  I thought 15% was the real world ceiling, and the reality was only half that.  But, it’s way better than the usual low single digits that Republicans get.  And there was a sharp gender gap (black men, 80-13, black women, 94-4).  If we get an age breakdown, it will probably show that %R increases with decreased age.  I know in 2012, Romney got 20% of black men under 30, meaning that of the five that voted, one voted for Romney.  I think it’s easily the case that Trump got 25% of U-30 BM, maybe even 30%.




3 responses

9 11 2016
9 11 2016
David In TN

If the GOP is to increase its share of the NAM vote, it can only do so as winners, not losers.

9 11 2016
Hard Right

The Alt-Right might want to start talking to Hotep.

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